Reflecting Can Bring Healing

By Kendra Clarke

Reflecting on our past can in so many ways bring us healing. We have all been in relationships or situations that if given the opportunity and if we knew then what we know now, we would have avoided. If you took the time to really reflect on your past relationships, patterns of behavior or on the not so good choices you have made, you would notice that there were signs and flashing red signals that were warning you to steer clear all along. You know that feeling of uneasiness, that inner voice nudging or prompting you in your spirit, that nagging feeling that something just doesn’t feel or seem right. Some may call it their conscious, but Christians know it as the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, you may not have fully understood the initial signals, so you explained them away as either just your imagination or you told yourself that your apprehension or pause, was only fear. Reflecting will help you determine why.

You Can’t Change the Past

There are tons of reasons why you proceeded to run into that brick wall, but the impact of your choices may remain the same if you don’t discover the source or reason for them. The last thing we want to do, is to dwell in the painful past because it cannot be changed and it could prevent you from moving forward, thus stunting your spiritual growth. No, reflecting will not erase your mistakes. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. Being able to reflect, not only on the choices you made, but on how far you have come by God’s grace, in spite of them, will not only help to ensure that those mistakes and choices will not be repeated, but that the emotional baggage does not destroy your chances at experiencing true peace.

Building Walls Around Your Heart

The process of reflection will free you up to move past the destructive feelings of un-forgiveness, guilt, regret, bitterness and fear, which are all counter to God’s plan for your life. These negative feelings help to build and fortify walls around your heart that you believe won’t allow hurt and pain to penetrate. However, darkness begins to surround your heart and mind until it is all that you can see, touch, hear or feel. In the process, darkness is trapped inside of you without a way out, but God’s love, forgiveness, healing and peace cannot shine in either. In the end, this can serve no other purpose but to move and to keep you from being in the proper position to grab hold of your blessings. Running and denial will not bring emotional healing, only reflecting, facing it and seeking God through it, can.


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