Reflect That Which You Seek

By Kendra Clarke

Be willing to give what you ask of others and never hold them to a higher standard than you do yourself. Reflect that which you seek as Luke 6:31 says to, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”.

If you want love; Be willing to give love.
If you want patience, Be patient with others.
If you want honesty; Be nothing but honest.
If you desire transparency; Be transparent.
If you want kindness; Be kind always.
If you desire respect; Be respectful.
If you want compassion; Be compassionate.
If you want trust; Be trustworthy.
If you require courtesy; Be courteous.
If you demand faithfulness; You yourself must be faithful.
If you desire forgiveness; Be willing to forgive others for their offenses.
If you want gentleness; Be gentle in your dealings with others.
If you want understanding; Be understanding.

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