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Truth vs Lies (Poem)

In the face of truth…

What will you do when the lies
that propped up your worldview,
begin to fall apart at the seams and
crumble around you?
Will you fall apart too?

When that delusion that was your foundation
is finally shaken,
do you hold on for dear life
as it is breaking?
Never realizing you were sadly mistaken.

Understand the matrix is everywhere
it is all you know, hear and can see.
It is the fabric of your reality
that is deeply ingrained
into your psyche.

You were born into a system
believing you were free.
But just like wearing hand-me downs,
you had no choice. Breaking free
will not be easy.

It is hard to comprehend
just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
The truth you know is out there,
so believing the lies,
won’t make them so.

This world is Satan’s playground
he is the “Father of Lies”.
Is it so unimaginable
or inconceivable to consider
this system was also built upon those lies.

Truth is not subjective,
it’s like our Father it does not change.
Given a choice, I hope you choose
His truth though some
will think you strange.

Waking up will be painful,
so living the lie will seem
better than the truth.
The lies took time to propagate so
tearing them down, will take time to uproot.

Open up your eyes
be blind no more and finally see.
The system that was constructed
to rock, control and
lull us all to sleep.

With your spiritual eyes wide open,
you’ll begin to see the
deception revealed.
You’ll come to realize the world you thought you knew,
was simply never real.

The process of letting it all go is hard
and the process will never end.
What other choice do we have,
it’s either living the lie or
seeking Yah until the end.

Seek after Yah’s truth diligently
for it has been hidden and not readily seen.
Then you will know
and stand on the truth and
the truth will set you free.

Do not put off for tomorrow,
that which can be done today.
For tomorrow is not promised
but our Father’s judgement
is on the way.


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