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Settling is Never Worth It

By Kendra Clarke

Never settle for Mr. “Right Now” or “Can’t Do Right” out of loneliness, desperation or fear when you know, that you know, that you know you deserve so much better. Trust, that settling is never worth it in the end, because in the end, you will live to regret your decision to do so. I have been there and have done that, finding myself in lopsided relationships, struggling to hold together what was never ordained by God in the first place. Even as God was warning me in my spirit to stop, make a U-turn and to run not walk away, I stubbornly decided to move full speed ahead. Ignoring all the signs, I found myself slamming into brick walls time and time again, choosing instead to stay or to fight what would not only be losing battles but an enormous waste of my God given time which can not be gotten back.

You’ll Never Be Enough

Trust that no amount of crying, wishing, pleading, begging or praying will make a relationship that was not meant to be, last. You can’t will it to work or manipulate him to be more loving, attentive or faithful. It’s not you, so you will never be sweet enough, nice or kind enough; patient or forgiving enough; righteous or giving enough; fine, attractive or sexy enough; rich, powerful or successful enough; smart or strong enough for the wrong man. You can offer your all and then some, but it will only give him a sense of entitlement as he expects you to treat him one way, while he treats you the opposite. You will give him an inch and he will take a yard. You’ll mess around and offer him a yard and he will surely take a mile or two and will rarely ever bother to offer you anything of substance in return. He will take, take, take until his heart is content or his cup runneth over caring very little about you and your needs as you empty and lose yourself in the process.

Settling Is Never Worth It

Don’t waste your time or energy investing in a counterfeit, when God is busy at work preparing the “One” that will be a perfect fit for you, because at the end of the day, settling is never worth the headache or heartache. When God sends you the right man, you won’t have to work yourself into a frenzy trying to hold on to him, because he will stick to you like glue. Ladies, there will be something about you that will captivate him and draw him to you so you won’t have to wrestle or manipulate a commitment out of him. He will seek to protect you and your heart because he knows what he has found is good. He will protect your honor and your crown because to him, you will be a precious and priceless gem shining brightly in a world of darkness, a timely blessing that he has been waiting and praying to God for. He will love you for you… scars, cracks and all. He will never ask of you what he himself is not also willing to give (love, respect, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, etc.) In his eyes, you will simply be ENOUGH! So stop stressing and wait for your blessing for he will be worth the wait!


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