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Standards Are a Must

By Kendra Clarke

Standards are not about creating unrealistic or unattainable ideals nor are they superficial in nature. Standards are a must because they are basic tenets required in a relationship which set the stage for how you expect to be treated. They define those unacceptable actions and behaviors that will not be tolerated and boundaries which can not be crossed. By setting the floor or the base for your relationship, you ensure that potential suitors know what they are getting into if they decide to pursue a relationship with you and that you don’t waste un-necessary time on someone that won’t make the cut.

Know Your Standards

You must know your basic standards to be able to evaluate and differentiate between your wants and absolute needs. For example, you may want someone who is wealthy, attractive, physically fit, has status or a great job, however, your needs may include someone who is a god-fearing man, who is loyal, respectful, loving, attentive, trustworthy, faithful and an overall decent human being. What good would it be to have your entire checklist of wants achieved, only to have the object of your desire ignore or cheat on you, lack integrity, treat you like you are nothing special or like you are expendable?

The Temporal Things Will Pass Away

Always remember that at the end of the day, the packaging will age, become wrinkled, bald, frail, fat, decayed or wither away but it is the inner most core of a person, the inside that cannot readily be seen, that truly matters. The eyes and flesh deceive so focus instead on that which is eternal for Jesus tells us in Matthew 24:35 that, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but His words will never pass away”. This isn’t to say that you can’t also desire someone that you deem to be attractive. It just means to be realistic and to prioritize those things that are most important. 

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