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The Key to Not Settling

By Kendra Clarke

Having standards is the key to not settling because not only do standards govern how a man will treat you, but what you will allow. Standards say to a man that you know your worth and that you are worthy of his very best effort. In essence, you do not feel obligated to submit or give husbandly benefits to a man that isn’t your husband or play house. This is because if he aspires to have all of you, he will strive to do right by you. He will make you official in the light of day and in the sight of God, not hiding you away in the depth of night placing you on a shelf until he is ready to play. You are not his rebound as he tries to forget or heal from his last relationship; some pit-stop as he waits for something better to come along, and you surely aren’t one of his options as he samples everything on the menu. This is behavior that you will not tolerate and thus you will have no other alternative but to walk away.

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Love is not a Sprint

Love is not a sprint but a marathon. This is key because in the game of love, it isn’t the first to cross the finish line who wins, but the one who is patient and endures all to be the last one standing until the end. The “One” sent by God will not be in a hurry to sweep you off your feet or seek to lock you down after a week, for that is not love or long-lasting, but lust. Rather he will want both his and your feet steady and grounded in God’s Word and perfect plan for your lives. He will not ask or require you to compromise your morals or values to be in the relationship. No…your Boaz will not have to be convinced, strong-armed, hoodwinked, trapped or tricked into commitment, for he will recognize that if he doesn’t come correct, he will lose you to someone who will.




The Right Guy Will Show Up

That light that God has placed within you can only truly be seen, appreciated, recognized, understood, accepted and valued by the “One”.  Therefore, I implore you not to waste your time and energy trying to manufacture a relationship or build a life with the wrong man. The right guy will not only show up, but will know who you are, won’t drag his feet or have to wait five years to recognize it. He won’t be lazy in love or dismissive of your feelings, nor will he leave anything to chance. You won’t have to guess what his intentions are regarding your relationship, because he will want you to be secure and to feel safe within the confines of his love. You will never have to wonder about where you stand, because you will be a priority in his life. So much so, that you won’t have to hear “I love you” every day, because he will be consistent in showing you.


God Created You For a Purpose 

God created you for a purpose, so you don’t causally date. In fact everything you do is with a purpose, as you recognize that your time is too precious and life is too short to be wasting it with a stand-in. You don’t hook up or do “Friends with Benefits” because your body is a temple unto the Lord. You are the prize… that treasure at the end of the rainbow; that diamond in the rough who when mined and refined will radiate magnificent light. You are so much more and to the man whom God has created and is preparing for you, you will be a much sought after gem. One that he has searched high and low for, a blessing that he has been waiting and praying a lifetime for.  Your glow will be so captivating to God’s chosen one for you, that he will feel compelled to act, not intimidated by or seek to dim your shine, but will match your shine and then some.


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