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Never Give Up

By Kendra Clarke

When your heart has been broken
and your world has fallen apart,
Do not lose hope, or ever give up.
When life then knocks you down, and
All you can muster, is a frown
Just remember, to never give up
It may feel, like it won’t end
But your heart will surely mend
If you are patient, and do not give up
You may never comprehend,
But on God you can depend,
Just surrender, you just can’t give up
The light will indeed shine
It will all be in God’s time
So you see, don’t you dare give up
For the future will truly bring
A time when pain, will lose its sting,
But to get there, you must not give up.
God says He’s always near,
Don’t be scared, have no fear
He wants to be there, so never give up
He will help you to get through
And on this you know it’s true
He’s just asking, that you never give up
He’s your shining light,
Be led by faith and not by sight
Aren’t you glad, that you did not give up
Through it all, never lose sight
He’s your strength and He’s your light,
when you make it, thank God, you never gave up.

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