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The Quest to Find the One

By Kendra Clarke

All of my life, I have been searching for you,
My quest to find someone kind, patient and true.
Someone I could share, my deepest thoughts with, a friend,
Someone that would pledge, to stay with me till the end.

I have looked high and low, but there was no one to be found,
None were ready or could compete, nor did they hang around.
The smoke cleared, my eyes were opened, my tears were wiped away,
There you were, your hand stretched out to carry me along the way.

You appreciate all that I am because you see all that I can be,
The one that knows, there is much more, of me yet to be seen.
My flaws and insecurities, haven’t scared you away,
In fact, you want to keep me close each and every day.

You hold me in your arms, and heal my hurts with your love,
You only ask me to seek you first, and to keep my focus above.
You know my heart, and see my soul, right to my spirit man,
You desire to commune with me, to share with me, as only You can.

Now I realize what I’ve been missing, was a closer walk with you,
My desire to be loved, and to give it, started and will end with you.
My quest is over, what I was looking for, has been here all along,
You’ve never once hurt or left me and you’ve never done me wrong.

The lover of my soul, the strength of my life, there is no one like you,
No matter what life throws at me, you’ve promised to see me through.
Thank you God for pursing my heart, and never letting me go;
For sending me the gift of your Son Jesus, so very long ago.

I want to strive to be, the very best me, I can be,
The Kendra that you intended and predestined me to be.
So when my life is over and we are standing face to face,
I long to hear you say “good job”, you withstood and finished the race.


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